Nautilus Strength Equipment

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Nautilus Strength equipment has been an industry leader and true innovator for decades in the development and manufacturing of the highest quality exercise equipment in the world. The quality and research that goes into developing each individual piece of equipment they provide is surpassed by none.

Nautilus aim to deliver the best possible experience and workout for each person that uses one of their machines, while also ensuring maximum safety and efficacy. They do this with their patented and unique Optimal Strength Curve Technology, four bar linkage system, and 2.25kg increment weight stacks.

Optimal Strength Curve Technology

Nautilus Optimal Strength Curve Technology

Each piece of their equipment adapts itself to the way the users body moves, rather than forcing the user to adapt their body to the machine. This ensures optimal muscle activation and the safest possible workout by not comprising the user’s joints and stability. This enables the user to focus on applying the most work to each rep possible, rather than trying to avoid discomfort and joint pain looking for the most comfortable position to train in on that piece of equipment.
Nautilus Optimal Strength Curve Technology

The jewel in the crown of each piece of Nautilus equipment is their unique Optimal Strength Curve technology. This innovative feature creates an environment where the machine adapts the resistance to the user’s body. Delivering smooth, consistent resistance throughout each and every rep that no equipment on the market can replicate. Nautilus Optimal Strength Curve Technology

Forget belts and wheels, each piece of Nautilus equipment has their patented four bar linkage system and unique strength cam design. These features ensure instant resistance from start to finish on every rep, while adapting the weight to be more difficult throughout the areas of the motion your body is strongest.
Nautilus Equipment example
This means no more tender elbows, shoulders, and knees after doing your next machine workout. Users can be confident they can utilize each piece of Nautilus equipment and it will give them the best workout ever, in the safest, most joint friendly way possible.